Junko Yoda Waves

June 07, 2004 - July 16, 2004

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Junko Yoda
Ice Floe,  2004
papier mache & plexiglas
76 x 50 x 4 inches
Junko Yoda: Waves
Zabriskie Gallery exhibits the recent work of Junko Yoda from June 7 to July 16, 2004. The works in this show are both two-dimensional and three dimensional and collectively employ the possibilities of flatness and depth through pieces that are formally complex, elegant, and highly crafted.

In one group of two-dimensional works, each titled and numbered Window, the artist transforms sheets of rice paper into visual delicacies. Appropriating "found" surfaces as a starting point, through a process of taking rubbings with acrylic paint-sticks, the paper is embossed with an overall pattern, capturing the often inconspicuous surfaces of her surroundings. Twinkling splashes of color burst forth from an overall painterly surface. Upon close inspection the subtle surfaces reveal themselves to be vigorously worked. The works in this series range in size from 23 x 16 inches to 33 x 45 inches. In contrast to these smaller works River Flow, 2003 (90 x 72 inches), is a large painting, whose heavily textured surface, made up of tied rice paper and dabs of paint depicts the broad expanse of a landscape as seen from above and afar.

The three-dimensional works in the show draw directly from nature and reflect the artist's patience and love of process. Inspired by the sight of the frozen Hudson River this past winter, Junko Yoda created Ice Floe, a large installation composed of over a hundred deftly hand-formed papier maché shapes. Depicting shards of broken ice, these shapes serenely float upon an upper translucent layer of Plexiglas; while the silhouettes of paper shell forms can be seen emerging from below the surface.

Other two-dimensional works include painted rice papers which are torn, cut and glued. The predominant field is a monochromatic shade of color from which other colors emerge and patterns vary, alternating between rigid and loosely structured configurations. With the emphasis shifting from the very textured to the highly chromatic, these painted papers have a beauty and serenity which reflects the artist's complete involvement with her work. The surfaces of the works are so lush and subtle it is difficult to believe that they are constructed of something as delicate as rice paper. The square format provides unity, within which restrictions of size and materials make Junko Yoda's invention seem endless. Tearing the surface layers away to reveal the often more colorful layers beneath, she stipples and splashes bits of contrasting paint that are exposed and intercepted by these tears. Her "craft is expert, her sense is sure, and within its restricted compass, her work gives intense pleasure" (Grace Glueck).

Junko Yoda was born in Japan in 1943, where she studied painting at the Musashino Fine Art University in Tokyo. In 1969 she moved to New York. Her first exhibition at Zabriskie Gallery was in 1978 at the "New Talent" show. She has exhibited here and abroad at such places as the San Diego Art Museum, the Alternative Museum, New York, the Ohara Museum of Art, the Hiroshima Museum of Contemporary Art, the Takamatsu City Museum of Art and the Tokushima Modern Art Museum.

Join us for the opening reception on June 7th from 6-8 pm. The artist will be present. Please visit our website www.zabriskiegallery.com for further information or contact Renée Devine. Summer Hours, June thru August: Monday - Friday 10:00 AM to 5:30 PM.