Zabriskie Gallery, New York/Paris Season 1980

March 08, 2005 - April 16, 2005

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Joel Meyerowitz
Christmas Tree, New York City, 1977,  1977
vintage c-print
16 x 20 inches
Zabriskie Gallery: Season 1980
From March 8 through April 16, 2005 Zabriskie Gallery, New York/Paris: Season 1980 presents a survey of work by artists who exhibited at Zabriskie 25 years ago. As part of Zabriskie Gallery’s 50th anniversary year (1955-2005), the gallery re-visits the 1980 season, which marks the midpoint in the gallery’s half-century history. Season 1980 considers the wide artistic range of its historical and contemporary exhibition schedule. For this retrospective, one or two pieces have been culled from nearly all of the 1980 exhibitions, which consists of a cadre of broad-ranging artists who exhibited at the New York or Paris gallery.

Artists represented in this group show include Konrad Cramer, Yasuo Kuniyoshi, Richard Stankiewicz, Arnold Friedman, Pat Adams, Elie Nadelman, Abraham Walkowitz, Marja Vallila, Junko Yoda, Edward Mayer, Paule Vezélay, Alfonso Ossorio, Albert Renger-Patzsch and Kenneth Snelson. The selection of work consists of wood and steel sculpture, a thread and wire construction, paper works, drawings, paintings and photography.

The 1980 season at the NY Gallery focused principally on twentieth-century American art, displaying examples of abstract and figurative painting, drawing and sculpture. One of the more pioneering exhibitions of the 1980 season included the work of the English woman artist Paule Vezélay whose first solo show in New York was held at Zabriskie in that year. The current exhibition will include one of her distinctive construction pieces in fine thread. Drawings of contemporary Woodstock artists Yasuo Kuniyoshi and Konrad Cramer explore their respective styles: Kuniyoshi provides a unique blend of East and West pictorial realism, which compares to Konrad Cramer’s crisp realism of his austere gas station drawings from the 1930s. On view also is one of Elie Nadelman’s classical Ideal Head sculptures, which illustrates the artist’s blend of classical lyricism with simplified form and stylized characteristics. The aforementioned pieces along with many others illustrate an important core of Zabriskie gallery’s traditional modern sensibility, and the rich variance in its visual program.

For many American artists, Galerie Zabriskie, Paris provided a unique conduit into the European art scene. The opening of the Paris gallery in 1977, the same year as the Centre Pompidou, was especially important for American photographers. Zabriskie’s involvement in photography continues with several young contemporary photographic artists. Represented in the exhibition are a selection of Albert Renger-Patzsch’s black and white photographs from The Trees of Germany series and a color panoramic piece by Kenneth Snelson.

During the gallery’s half-century history, Virginia Zabriskie has organized close to 800 exhibitions, featuring works of diverse media, style and subject matter. Zabriskie Gallery is also pleased to announce the publication of ZABRISKIE FIFTY YEARS, a 208-page hardcover book published by Ruder Finn Press, $50. This text chronicles Virginia Zabriskie’s activities as a gallerist/dealer from 1954-2004.