Konrad Cramer (1888-1963) Photographs

September 11, 2007 - November 03, 2007


Konrad Cramer
Still Life (Squash and Beads),  c. 1938
vintage gelatin silver print
8 x 9-7/8 inches
Goings On About Town: Galleries - Uptown
The New Yorker
Vince Aletti
October 08, 2007
Cramer (1888-1963), a German-born American painter whose fame has long since faded, took up photography in the nineteen-thirties under the influence of Alfred Stieglitz. The twenty-nine black-and-white vintage prints gathered here position him as a model modernist, whose conservative impulses were tempered by an experimental streak. For every misty landscape, weathered barn door, or rain-wet leaf, there’s a solarized female nude, an enigmatic still-life, or the image of a small-scale sculptural construction that anticipates the recent work of Sara VanDerBeek. Two handsome Cubist compositions of what appear to be folded paper and reflected light have an equally contemporary echo in Eileen Quinlan’s mysterious interplays of mirrors and smoke. Through Nov. 3. (Zabriskie, 41 E. 57th St. 212-752-1223.)