Pat Adams New Paintings

April 26, 2003 - June 07, 2003

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Pat Adams
Slow Start,  2002
mixed media on linen
83 x 49 inches
Pat Adams: New Paintings
Zabriskie Gallery exhibits new paintings by Pat Adams. Adams' work addresses process and formal concerns, often taking as subject matter basic shapes such as circles and rectangles. She builds onto these simple forms by applying numerous layers of paint and sediment, producing an effect that is simultaneously serene and active. By shifting arrangement of the forms against one another, Pat Adams' paintings interplay movement and stasis. The lively surfaces she develops engage the viewer on a more tangible and terrestrial level as well, contrasting the abstract universality of the shapes.

In over twenty abstract paintings ranging from less than one foot to almost seven feet across, the artist builds gritty encrustations over rudimentary patterns and shapes like ovoids, reiterative squares, and rectangles. Some works in the exhibition combine collage elements with acrylic on paper. Most of them incorporate shell, bead, sand, and pigment daubed into oil and isobutyl methacrylate (the substance used to coat underwater transatlantic telephone cables). The latter binds all the materials as it imparts a subtle luster to the tactile surface. Her paintings' geology is also built from a rich palette ranging from golden yellows and rusty reds to cool and somber blacks in these works completed since last year. The organization of objects and particles produce both anxious inertia and fluid movement, sometimes subduing forms with surface work such as the amassment of grit into wet paint strokes, and at other instances emphasizing a shape to the point where it overides and counteracts the rich layering. What results is a friction between the particular (the gritty particles) and the universal (the forms), a friction that reveals and separates the two even as it superimposes them.

Pat Adams has been associated with Zabriskie since its inception, and is represented exclusively by the gallery. Her work is included in major public and private collections throughout the country. In 1996, she was honored with the prestigious Jimmy Ernst Award at the American Academy of Arts and Letters. An illustrated brochure accompanies the exhibition.

On the occasion of the exhibition, a reception will be held Tuesday, April 29th, from 6-8pm at Zabriskie Gallery. The artist will be present.