Pat Adams Recent Work

April 01, 2008 - May 10, 2008

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Pat Adams
Beyond Above,  2007
oil, acrylic, isobutyl methacrylate with bead and shell on paper on wood
14-1/2 x 21-7/8 inches
Recent Work
FROM APRIL 1ST TO MAY 10TH, 2008, ZABRISKIE GALLERY EXHIBITS NEW PAINTINGS BY PAT ADAMS. Pat Adams has been showing her lyrical abstractions with Zabriskie Gallery for over fifty years.

Pat Adams makes these gestural abstractions with stuff stuck into them.

These paintings expand upon the themes of her more recent work, while incorporating elements from her earlier vocabulary of forms. The finely-inscribed arches and curlicues of Adams’ early work gave way to darker, more stable geometric forms – the centered circle; stair-steps of regular squares – the pictorial spaces gained a comforting weight and center. Where depth was once described as the space between vibrant-hued arches and rough-hewn spirals (scribbles?), the encrustations of sand and other materials into the surface of the painting allow a cosmic depth of stargazing. This new work sees the return of some of those curvilinear forms, as in Each Much and Coming From II. Coming From III unifies the wayward line with the centering circle as a string of pearls.